NTN participated in the "16th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition"

2019-1-20 10:23:54

Location China Shanghai National (Shanghai) Center for Exhibition and Convention Booth No.: Hall 5 (2nd Floor) 52H103 NTN's theme for this exhibition is "New Energy, New Technology, New Prospects". At this year's show, NTN exhibited a variety of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly products such as next-generation EV system products and module products that conform to the trend of electrification. I look forward to your visit! Main exhibits Car seat height adjuster This product consists of a lock torque clutch and a swing torque clutch. It is a compact clutch. The height of the seat can be adjusted freely with a small handle operating force.   High-performance lightweight hub joint (crimp spline "PCS○R-H/J") This product adopts NTN's unique crimping method, which greatly reduces the weight and realizes the gaplessness of the spline fitting. The constant velocity joints and the three generations of hub bearings are bolted together, and the same assembly process as conventional products can be used on the production line.   Low friction torque wheel bearing The newly developed low friction grease can greatly reduce the grease mixing resistance during rotation. In addition, the surface of the sealing lip is increased in unevenness and coated with a low-viscosity grease for the sealing lip, which reduces the frictional resistance of the sealing lip, reduces the rotational friction torque of the bearing by 33%, and improves the fuel consumption of the vehicle by 0.28%.   High load resin pulley This product uses high-rigidity resin, through the optimization of the outer ring outer surface anti-skid groove and the relaxation of the sealing ring fitting part, achieving more than 2 times the load resistance performance of the traditional resin pulley. This product can replace the iron pulley and reduce the weight to 1/3.   Low torque sealed deep groove ball bearing The rotating torque of this product is reduced by 50% compared with the previous one, and it can be applied to EV motor and electric auxiliary machine drive motor. This product reduces torque in two ways. One is to use a low-torque cage to reduce grease mixing resistance; the other is to use low-torque grease with low viscosity and high heat resistance.   Deep groove ball bearing with high axial load carrying capacity According to the optimal internal structural design, the axial bearing capacity of the deep groove ball bearing is 2 times higher than that of the standard. This product replaces the tapered roller bearing, which can achieve low torque and eliminate the preload management required for tapered roller bearings and angular contact ball bearings.   Electric brake system with parking function In order to achieve safe braking performance, the brake system drives the brake pads through an electric motor and NTN's unique direct acting mechanism. Through the coordinated control of the regenerative brakes, the power consumption of the EV and the HEV can be saved. In addition, the parking brake function has been added for easier operation.